MTV PoweR Girls

hey all this is my first post. i am looking for the song when kelly is chasing around paris hilton at puffys white party
sounds like a 80s song. has female vocals
any ideas?
Originally posted by michelle@Mar 17 2005, 09:03 PM
Do you remember the lyrics?

ive been watchign you
you know what i want to do
tell your friends good bye bye bye
That sounds really familiar and immediately I thought of Billy Idol
its a female voice, i looked on the mtv site, and they said it was either salme dahlstorm, nikki, speakers of the house, or marni angel. all i found was clips for salme dahlstorm any other ways i can try and locate this s0ng thanks
Tried using search but couldn't find anything. So does anyone know who does the theme for the mtv show 'PoweR girls'? The name of the song would be great as well!