MTV Once Upon A Prom


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anyone know the songs played in that show? or know how I can find it? i already searched
the only song I want is towards the end where they show Allie, the blonde in the light pink dress, dancing and the lyrics are like "this is the liiiiiiiffffe, liife.." the song is also in the commercial preview for the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The one I want is from one of the couples I believe having dinner and some soft song sang by a guy starts to play. I heard it on the radio and I like it.
oo wait are you talking about the True Life; I'm going to Prom.. or the recent little show that was about some couples in Oklahoma
the show im talking about had 4 couples, 1 of them is going with a cheerleader and wants to be with her and hopes to win prom king and queen. Another is about a girl that likes a guy that is going with her and also another girl at the prom. Know which show im talking about? :D
It's called Once Upon A Prom. I want to know what songs were in this too.
Me too, also did I forget to mention the cheerleader was hot? :p
oh nah the cheerleader's DATE was hot lol. only from one side tho! LOL I'm so bad