MTV Flipped Song??


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Hey again,

Remember the show on MTV, Flipped?? Anyway, there was a song that they used on that show a few times. It was like a dance, house or club song. I dont know any of the lyrics, but there was a girl singing a chorus that kinda sounded like its being digitized or being sung from a megaphone or something. Then there would be a little catchy part with xylophones. Anyway, thats all I really know about it. I wanna say that I have heard it on the radio, but I cant say for sure. If anyone knows, please let me know too.

tough call... you don't remember anything about any episode you heard the song on?
The only other thing I can recall of that song is that MTV used it when they were showing 10spot commercials for it. It was the episode where the guy was like a KKK member and it was something about the confederate flag, I think. I really wish I knew more about it. Sorry
That at least narrows the search down a little -- the episode you're thinking of, then, was the "Racism" one. I did some searches based on that, and came up with nothing so far.
I actually found a song that sounds like the song i am trying to find. Its called Around The World by ATC, its a dance song. It can be found on the Fired Up! cd. If anyone is familiar with that track, it resembles this Flipped song that I am looking for.

Uno, i think i heard something like it recently, something by someone called D.J. Kosette.
Does anyone know for sure?
Did some reasearch and it seems that there is no person who exists named Dj Kosette, I really dont think she did this song. So, just so you dont get confused, Dj Kosette, no go.
I know this is a blast from the past, but this song that Ive been searching has just been found, THREE DAYS AGO. It was I'll Fly With You by Gigi D'Agostino, in case anyone was still wondering after all this time.