MTV Commercial / Sweet 16 Song


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I was watching Mtv the other day and i was wondering the name of a song ive herd on "My Super Sweet 16" as well as Commercials and maybe "Cribs". The Song sounds almost clasical <played with violins> only realy jazzy and fast not as a traditional classic. Thanks
maybe it was the beginning of Avril Lavigne's I'm With You?
No that wasnt it ...The song has like 3 notes going up and then 3 back down... its hard to describe ... i just herd the commercial again if u have any other ideas send away. Thanks alot
No it has more of a jazy feeling to it ... its so wierd to describe. But thanks
It's the song that goes "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday" over and over right? My guess is that it was just made for the commercial or something.
Originally posted by ALDR123456789N@Aug 2 2005, 10:05 PM
maybe its that "a thousand miles" song...with the piano singing girl...hmm
You mean Vanessa Carlton? Thats not the song on the commercial. :(
Wierd stuff this weekend... One of the guys I was slalom skiing with was playing the song in his boat. I asked him the name of it and its called "Ooh Wee". It was also used on the Hitch Soundtrack. Thanks for all your help.