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does anyone know the song playing on an mtv ad for buzzworthy videos? this ad has many cell phones...(sorry, but that's all i can remember!!). these short ads (there are a few others) come on before the buzzworthy videos, and sometimes they are played during the end credits of some of the channel's shows. but it is an ad, which is why i placed my question here (in this section).
are you talking about that random weird guy who dances to odd noises? I don't think I've noticed any actual ads being played at the end of shows, during the credits (where, like you mentioned, they usually have the "buzzworthy" video clips)... :unsure:

Can you describe the music? Tempo, genre, lyrics, male/female vocals?
yeah, it features that weird guy (!!!) but he's not dancing. hes actually sitting down. about the song: it sounds like a male voice (?) saying "gorgeous".... again, i'm not sure!!!!! (and i'm not very good at this either!!!)
Just saw it. Can't really make out any of the lyrics...


"Gorgeous... Glad you feel..."

"Looking gorgeous"
I'm pretty certain the song is called "Filthy/Gorgeous" by Scissor Sisters, off their self-titled album "Scissor Sisters." (hasn't been released in the US yet.)

You can listen to an audio sample at their site, click on "Audio/Video" and scroll down to the song. Note: Link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), tiny bit of cartoon nipple there. :lol:

Anyway, cool song.