Movies That Shook The World: The Graduate

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Hey, so I was recently watching AMC, and this commercial came on for The Graduate, and how it's on Movies That Shook The World, and there is a really good guitar song in the background but I can not for the life of me figure out what it is. Thanks
I haven't seen the actual TV commercial, but if it is for "The Graduate", it must be Simon and Garfunkle.

Could either be "The Sound of Silence" or "Scarborough Fair".

Those are the two epic guitar songs in that movie. Great flick, by the way...
No those arent it. Its an electric guiatar song. Its modern, kinda sounds like something the hives would do maybe....
I remember seeing an ad on AMC recently, and the song was "What are you afraid of?" by West Indian Girl. I don't recall if it was that same Graduate ad you mention, but I remember it had clips of loads of influential movies. Hope it helps!
No its not the lemonheads either. the guitar really stands out and it could be the only instrument on it