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whats the name of the song at the end of the Moulin Rouge trailer? i assume it's on the soundtrack, but i dont know which song. (diamond dogs by beck?)
These are all of the songs used in the trailer:

"Come What May" - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman
"Diamond Dogs" - Beck
"Hindi Sad Diamonds" - Nicole Kidman & Cast
"Sparkling Diamonds" - Nicole Kidman & Cast

You can hear audio samples on Amazon.
OK, I know all of the songs in the trailer, but, the last song "Hindi Sad Diamonds", which starts at "no laws", it's not the one on the soundtrack, it's different. Is it a remix, and is it avaliable to download somewhere. Also, is it the same song that continues to the end of the trailer or are two songs merged?
I think I know which trailer you mean. I found in on a VHS Copy of Planet of the Apes. Will review it tomorrow and send you some info.
There were two soundtracks to the film, so it might be on the second soundtrack "Music from Moulin Rouge 2".
I know which song your talking about, its very fast and sound kinda electronic violin sounding. I still havent found that song either. People please help!
I own both the soundtracks and it is not on there.
yes please, it is not on the either of the soundtracks, so, HELP...where's an admin when you need one!
under what? Title? Composer? Wait, did you buy just Hindi Sad Diamonds straight from the soundtrack? Cause that's not the one we're looking for.
okay, i've found some songs out for some friends before by this site, and here's another question posed to me.

"do you know what song is played in this trailer... i think it begins as it shows nicole kidman's name and her face at the same time, but about 1 min. 35 seconds into the trailer it really kicks in. it sounds like a remix of 'hindi sad diamonds' from the soundtrack, and i think it continues until the trailer is over. do you have any idea what it is?"

actually, no, i don't. so i was hoping one of you might! :)
I've seen this trailer before and I'm looking for the piece too. But this version is a lot different than the one I heard in the trailer from "The Planet of the Apes" VHS tape.
that is an Instrumental version of the "hindi sad diamonds" and they edited that song to the trailer. That's why it sounds different from the song with vocals.