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Hello again, ok this is a little complicated. Ok on the soundtrack the song is on it.. it the last scene of the movie, the chimma chimma song..BUT! it's actually taken from another song, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the original song is? It's on the behind the scenes, but no info on who the singer is... Thanks!
You can check the soundtrack listing here for all sorts of info on the music and music that was sampled (located at the end of the list).
Cool thanks but do you know where i can download it or, purchase it?
You can find it on the soundtrack (Track 14 "Hindi Sad Diamonds") or if you don't want the whole soundtrack, you can try
There is a song that I've heard before in two seperate movies that I cannot recall. The lyrics are like "if I could die right now, I would" Something like that, the girl singing is singing about sacrifice im sure. It was in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer as well as Moulin Rouge. I dont remember where exactly it was in Last Summer, but in Moulin Rouge, it's the part where nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor run up to be by themselves in some vacant space on an upper floor. Then they talk about where they are gonna meet and then he leaves and she starts singing this song, just her. Then we see that Harold Zidler is watching her, where the camera looks like a hendheld camera recording her. Ring any bells?
Does anyone know where I can find the piano music for the song Bolero. It played at the end during the credits.
I'm actually using that song for my advanced ballet class this year. You can get it on the second Moulin Rouge soundtrack. You can't listen to it on the amazon site, but you can purchase the cd here. Is that the version you're looking for, or are you asking for a simple piano version of the song? Or are you asking for sheet music? :blink:
I've seen sheet music for the first soundtrack, but not for the second one. A lot of people have been looking for "Bolero" on other sites....
Hi all..

Does anybody have or know where I can get a copy of the the song "The show must go on" song from Moulin Rouge. It isn't on the soundtrack.