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Remember the first Mortal Kombat movie?!?! Yeah well i do and i need the song that when Riaden, and Sonya, and Johny Cage and the Asian guy and his girl are walking down the street after he beat up that guy and he fell on the spikes. All the kids are running around with blue flags and there is this song playing in the background. It is right before the giant god looking thing pops outta the temple. Any help on this one?? Anyone? Thank you
i had seen the movie for the 20th time and i asked one of my friends if he knew what the song was at the end of the movie where lay kane kicks the evil guy and he dies and then they all get togther out side and their's kids with flags running around befor the guy with the ugly face pops out of the temple . It sound like a girl's voice

My friend said I could find the answer hear at AD tunes
thanks alot

sorry too have wasteed your time
I found out shortly after writeing the topic. i'm new to the forum's system and how too use it .some one else had posted that same question and i had got my answer from that person

thank you for your time