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I know its a Beatles song, but can't remember which one it is...I heard it last me please!
Do you remember any lyrics? Can you describe the commercial?
No, thats my problem...I know the Beatles songs by lyrics, I'm a huge fan...but I just can't remember which of the million great songs it was...I was hoping someone else saw the commercial to tell me which song they used...

You know might be...

"Getting Better"...

Makes sense, because they are no longer Bank One...

so they want us to "believe its getting better..."

Probably a long shot, but here's my guess. A long time ago, there was a bank commercial. All I remember is that it showed the skyline of some city. The only part of the song that was in the commercial was the opening riff of "come together"

Is that your song?

The song is "Hello Goodbye"......"Hello, hello, I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello"