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Yesterdaqy I swa this movie called Monster featuring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. Anyone seen it? If not, do it now! It's really a hard, touching movie!

Well the music in the film was also a great reason why I was very touched by it. The Songs in the film were really on their place...

But now I was wondering, which songs are these?

I think they must be some kind of classics or something, but I have no idea. Thos songs may have been quite famous in America but not here I think. I'm from Belgium and I have no clue...

So if there is anyone who can give me exact titles of the songs, that would be great! I know a part of the soundtrack was written by a american dj called 'bt',; that's all I know!

oh yeah, is there anybody aware of a true soundtrack? is it out yet?

help me out please,

thanx & bye :huh:
Here's a list of the songs from the movie. Mostly a collection of popular 80s music. If I remember correctly BT just composed the score to the movie.

Edit to add: The DVD is supposed to have an extended mix of the score, by BT, featuring over two hours of original music.
hey michelle,

thank you very much for your answer,

these songs r good, i still think it's a pitty why there isn't a soundtrack. Each song was quite powerful in the film....

Yeah well, thanx anyway :p
Yeah, I'm not sure why there isn't a soundtrack out... Maybe it's just too serious of a movie to come out with an "80s flashback" type CD? If anything, I'd at least think the score would have been released, but I haven't seen any mention of that except on the DVD.
There actually is a soundtrack to the movie. I bought on Amazon not too long ago. It is all composed by Bt, and it is titled "Music From & Inspired By the Film Monster." Its a double disc with both a CD and a DVD. The DVD is the surround sound version of the music. It's about $20 but its well worth the money if you loved the film or the music. Its an amazing soundtrack!
Yes, we have the BT score as well. We are Big BT fans here ;)
If you aren't farmiliar with his stuff, and you liked the Monster score, check out more of his stuff. You won't be dissapointed! :p