Misubishi Eclipse Chinese Drums

Todd Bowers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm surprised I didn't find it through search, but I LOVED a new Mitsubishi eclipse commercial that has a group of Chinese drummers :ph34r: playing as a red eclipse drives around. I'm really hoping it's a CD I can buy and not created specifically for the commercial. Anyway, you guys are amazing in your knowledge so I'm confident you will come through again.
Yes, it's a form of traditional Japanese drumming known as taiko.

The performers in the ad are from a US group known as the TAIKOPROJECT.

You can view the commercial on their website (05.26.05).

You can also download some of their tracks (02.25.04).

You may also want to check out KODO, the famous Japanese taiko ensemble.

Several of their CD's are available from Amazon.com including an interesting remix album.
Song is absolutely amazing i dont even know who to relate it to. The commercial basically just shows the car and then a guys voice ends up dubbing in saying "the all new 2006 elcipse with like 650 watts of stereo system power". If anyone even knows where i could watch the commercial post it up the music is so awesome for it.