miss congeniality 2

The 1st song is called "I'll Take You There". There are a few people who sing it: Staple Singers (I think this is the version in the trailer), BeBe and CeCe Winans, and there's a reggae version sung by various people (all of these are on itunes)

Bad Mamma Jamma is the 2nd song w/ lyrics in the trailer, by Carl Carlton.

3rd song: think the name of the song is "Sisters, are doin' it, for themselves", by Aretha Franklin.

4th: Proud Mary by Tina Turner

The rest of the music in the trailer sounds like it was composed for the trailer, I'm not sure.

Does any of this help? I hope so! :)
According to Soundtrack.net:

"Proud Mary" - Tina Turner
"She's A Bad Mama" - Carol Carlton
"Sister" - Eggchair
"Steady Eddie" - Eggchair
"Take You There" - Eggchair