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Doez any1 kno the name of the song that Tom Cruise's character alwayz plays when he is puttin together the puzzles for a case? Although I doubt it would help, it appears on an OLD episode of the Simpsons (Lisa plays at a recitial but Homer wants to go see some Monster Truck thing I believe) and Its not an original but is an unfinshed composition by somebody... Thanks
According to snpp.com, the tune Lisa was playing was the 1812 Overture.. but imdb.com lists Symphony No. 8 as an unfinished work by Franz Schubert. Hope one of those helps..
ok i recognize da Schubert name so that is it i think... Thanks a lot ;)
Well there is this cool classical theme in that movie, and I would really like to download it. It's kinda hard to describe it. Well, you would know if you have a DVD version of the movie because, it is played when you go to the main menu.
I believe that it is not a "classical" work in the traditional sense, but actually part of the film score by John Williams. I believe that the title to that particuliar piece is Anderton's Great Escape.

Minority Report Score - Check Track #10

If that is not it let me know, I have a few more ideas.
'Minority Report' used the following classical music pieces in the movie according to

"8th Symphony in in B Minor 'Unfinished' 1st Movement" by Franz Schubert.

"Symphony No 6 in B Minor 'Pathétique' Op. 74" by Tchaikovsky.

"Menuet, Allegro ma non troppo"from "String Quartet in C Major, Op. 64, No. 1" by Joseph Haydn.

"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Johann Sebastian Bach.

But maybe the music you are looking for was already mentioned by SirBax, ie. an original composition from John Williams.