Midnight Club 3

Thanks mate. Ultra specific, just like we love... That was sarcasm.

Really, can you please tell us what the game was, where you saw the commerical, what was memorable about the commercial or the song you're asking about? If we have that information, there's better odds that someone here knows the tune.

It's hard to help you if we're only told a little bit of information.
Better yet provide us with a link to where we can download the commercial, or uplaod a piece of the song in small .wav or .mp3 format for us to download.
it had a pretty fast beat, midnight club is a racing game, and the commercial hes talking about has really ricer-looking cars racing through a city at night
I saw a new commercial for the Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition and they had some rap song on there with the guy rapping about "cars real big, rims real big" and some other stuff I couldn't quite make out. Anyone know what the name of this song is and who does it? Thanks in advance! :D
What is the song played during the Midnight Club 3 Trailer # 1? Its really starting to bug me. :angry:
On the Midnight Club 3 website, if you go to the Trailers section, and watch trailer # 1, there is a song that somehow didn't make it to the game, and I really want to know what song it is.any help would be appreciated.