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I saw this on my Coupling DVDs (seasons 2 & 4), I don't know if it has also been on TV, since I don't have cable, where MI-5 is shown. It's the promo for MI-5 DVDs. It's a male singer, a rock song, and the lyrics are:

Take a look and see
Take a look at yourself
Are you real
Do you wonder if
This is all really true
Are you

Take a step back
Stare into your soul
Watch yourself
What you see
Isn't me

The BBC America site has the song listed as 3 Doors Down, which it isn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for months with no luck.
*bumping* I really want to find this song. Anyone at least have advice on how to find it?
you could email the people who made the show or put the dvds together i think that show is on A&E so you could always check there email some official from A&E
I have the Coupling Season 2 DVD and I know the music/trailer that your referring to but don't know the artist.
Thanks for your advice.

Hatch113, it's not that song. Although, that is a good song, it's not it. Thanks anyway, though.