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This beer ad is Coors I believe. A waitress is weaving in and out of the crowd to deliver beverages to a table with a guy who she likes. She runs her hand through his curly hair. The background music was "It's your thing, do what you wanna do"
Sounded like Aretha Franklin, but can someone confirm what song? Help is gr8ly appreciated.
Well, the lyrics you mention suggest the song is It's Your Thing by The Isley Brothers. Does that sound right? (You can hear an audio clip of the song at the Amazon links in this message.)
looking for this song that started airing around oct...not sure the words but goes"do what you do, do what you say, then do what makes you happy..da da da d dun dun like an old robin trower song ....marshall tucker or crosby stills nash tune please help..driving me nut's :blink:
Yeah kinda, but that's "Do what they say, say what they mean, one thing leads to another"..
Plus they don't sound country rock/folky like Marshall Tucker or Crosby Still & Nash.
But hey! 5 points for knowing a song by The Fixx!!
no that's not it ,know that song real's an early 70 song what i'm looking for probably heard it a million maybe even the 60's it is an old classic kinda slow ?????????????
Hi All,

I've been racking my brains over this for quite a while now. This commercial appeared an year ago and I loved the song and well, promptly forgot all about it. Until I heard it on the radio again this afternoon.

Description of the commercial: I think it's an MGD commercial. There are a few people sitting at the table in a club. A hot chick goes to the bar to get a couple of beers. She's holding a beer in each hand and keeps both of her arms high (to weave through the crowd more easily).

Song: It's a very funky song. The only words I could remember were "I can't tell you" and maybe "do what you wanna do" (I may not be sure of the latter phrase). I would've sworn it was James Brown. There's a lot of James Brown-kinda screaming in the end. It's a very catchy tune!

If anyone here can help me with this it'll be great! I know this is not a lot of information but that's all I can remember.
is it "it's your thing" by the isley brothers? i would add a link to an audio sample but i dont know how...sorry
You, sir, rock crucially!! That's the song I've been looking for the last two years. I just bought the mp3 from ITunes.

Thank you SO much!!