Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Tough call... I listened through a couple albums, quickly, and I came across a song called "My Friend Of Misery" that kind of sounded like it, but not exactly... I'm not familiar enough with their music though.

If we can't help, definitely visit a Metallica fan forum and ask them -- they'd be able to pin-point the song. ;)
The song's Welcome Home (Sanitarium), track 4 on the Master of Puppets album.

In order the songs in the trailer are:

Enter Sandman [1, "The Black Album"]
Dirty Window [4, St. Anger]
St. Anger [2, St. Anger]
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [4, Master of Puppets]
Master of Puppers [2, Master of Puppets]
Some Kind of Monster [3, St. Anger]
well, there you go. i almost doubted our metallica fans in this forum! ;) :lol: