Memoirs of a Geisha


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I've gotten the soundtrack from the movie, so I know that the dance sequence song I'm looking for is not on it. What I'm looking for is the name of the song and possibly where to find it...the song I'm looking for is played when Sayuri does this dance-

The song starts out with a Japanese stringed instrument with a few drums of some sort. It then swells up and a...I guess, squaking type of reed intrument plays...It's rather haunting and I'd love to have it....I was disappointed they didn't have it on the soundtrack...

Help would be greatly appreciated!
Sorry, I must wait till 3rd february - polish premiere of "Memoirs of a Geisha".
I'm not going to go see it until I finish the book :P
i do remember the song. it was basactly very simple with just the sound of bambo hitting eachother (whats what it sounds like) and with no such score in the background.

its to hard to tell from the samples, none of them are like it.

i remember that in that scene there are musical proformers playing in the background. there are a few chimes aswell. isn't much of a score as it is simple percusion like instruments and a horn like instrument at the end....

It's not on the soundtrack, that's why I needed help...

Does anyone know the swing song in Memoirs of a Geisha where Pumpkin is riding on a mans back? The woman in the song is singing and all I can make out is "Please let me explain". Sorry I know it isn't much info.

Thank you so much