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MW4 Mech Trailer

This is a short movie on a new mech for a MechWarrior 4: Mercs expansion pack. The song is called "I am King Kong" or something like that. Anyone know who sings it?
I have a topic in the Video Games Trailer forum but no help there. The link below takes you to the thread and includes an avi file where you can hear the song.

King Kong Thread

I'm sure this must be a popular song. Its very catchy. Here are some of the lyrics:

"Shoot me down, I don't care.
I'm not goin anywhere.
Come on.

Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo!

I am indestructable.
I am unstoppable.
Come on.

Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo! Shoo Shoo!

I got hit but I'm OK.
Today is gonna be my lucky day.
C'mon and bring it on.
I am King Kong. I am King Kong."

I really like this song. Anyone know who sings this?
Starting a new thread probably won't help any and in all probability michelle will just end up merging the two.

See? I told ya! ;)
It is unnecessary, and against Forum Rules, to start a new thread on an existing topic. Duplicates have been merged.
Sorry. I got a little over anxious I guess.
Thanks Michelle. :) I know, it's so frustrating. The song is very catchy to. I can't believe its not a big hit and /or someone hasn't heard it before and knows who the artist is. Oh well...The search goes on!
maybe the song hasn't been released yet... :unsure: or, it was just done for the ad, always a possibility.
I was finally able to speak with the creator of the mech video. He is from New Zealand and guess is the band! That's why no one has heard this before.
The name of the band is "Voom", the song is called "KingKong" and it is available on the only CD the band ever released "Now I Am Me" (1998). You can buy the CD for about $30 US (including shipping to the US) at this site:

Hit the link to the mech video and let me know if you think this song rocks or not:

Mech Video
cool someone in the big world has heard our song
i didnt even know it was on an add
i'm buzz from voom by the way
yes we live in little old new zealand
middle earth to some
miles away from anywhere
and the song isnt on the ist album now i am me
it's unreleased but if you want a demo
of that song and or heaps of others as good
email me on
now to chase up my publishing royalties
Thanks for the correction buzz! :D

Man, that song has multi-platinum written all over it. If only it could get the exposure it deserves!
thanks nano
i tried downloading that link to see the ad
but it only gives you the first few seconds of video then freezes
do you know another way to see it or what its advertising
people tell me to try and get that song on peter jackson,s
king kong film which would be an amazing score
it's actually a song written for my local rugby team
the wellington hurricanes ,go the canes!!! they're in the
npc final this weekend
Cool! Yeah, I had that same problem at work but it worked fine at home. I think you might need to update your player to the latest "Codec" as I believe the vid uses DIVX. Try installing the latest Windows Media Player. The video itself is not really an ad. Its ingame footage from a community mod of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries.