McDonalds Mcmuffin commercial music

need help

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Egg Mcmuffin Commercial

hi. the music in this commercial is acoustic classical kind of style guitar with no vocals or drums, just guitar. this commercial has a guy walking through what seems to be his house. he passes by his dog and stuff like that and then takes a seat in a recliner. we then see that he is in fact in a mobile home and is at a mcdonalds drive thru. if you know the name of this song please let me know it along with the artist. thanks
Please review our Forum Rules on "bumping" topics. Instead, can you provide any more info that might help identify the song? What time of day do you usually see the ad, during any particular shows/channel? Have you tried contacting Customer Service at McDonald's to see if they can provide any info on the ad and/or advertising agency that created the spot? Have you tried recording the song and uploading it to the web for us to listen?