mcdonalds ad - bringing out the kid


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Need to know the name of the song featured in the new mcdonalds out where the kids come out of the adults bodies.... plssssssssssss help
yeah i'm looking for that song too...

it's a woman singing, and the lyrics are something like "i spy, i see, oh my, oh me" if that helps at all...
i was looking for it too but i have a feeling the song was probably made just for the ad

if anyone wants to take a listen, you can view the commercial here
melanie horsenell - oh me oh my

it was made specifically for the adv.... and cannot find it anywhere...

so now the hunt begins...
Here I found this about Melanie Horsnell (thanks to your post mandis)

looking at the last post here, it says that she's releasing an album later this year (according the McDonald's chap) and it's possible that song will be on the album, because as Mandis said, that song was made just for the ad and isn't for sale yet.

edit: actually, looking at her website, it seems that song isn't actually on the album (which has now been released) :(