Match Point

"Waltz for Koop" - Koop

I believe it's on Itunes

Does anyone know the last song used in the trailer?
what about the very first song, the guitar strumming with the girl going la la la? Not waltz for Koop but the very first song of the trailer.
The 1st song on the trailer is by a Irish band called Autamata - "postscript".
i've been dying for last song in the match point trailers, it's very instrumental and intense. it's amazing and i checked the other people's threads and i haven't found what i'm looking for. i hope someone can help. thanks!
I tried that one but it's not the song I'm thinking of. I remember there being more violins and not much singing from what they played.
Originally posted by hlcsdcds@Jan 20 2006, 10:04 AM
Is there also a place where I can obtain "Darkness" by X-RAY DOG
No. This music is made only for trailers, not for sale on CD.