Masterpiece Theatre Starring Rupert Everett


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In a Masterpiece Theatre mini-series (maybe?) featuring Rupert Everett, there is a scene in one episode where Rupert's character dons a hat, grabs an umbrella, and steps outside into a TON of fog/mist and begins walking down the sidewalk. In the background is some highly emotionally charged stringed instrument music. Does anyone know what this might be?
ack, i have no clue! all i know is that it is at a pivotal moment, almost seemed like a fight or something. rupert puts on his hat and jacket and exits the house into the fog. i wish i could describe it more clearly, but i only watched it for that brief moment!!! maybe it'll be on again and i can see it to describe it in more detail.
It could be when they caught the twins.By the way,it's "Sherlock Holmes:The Case of the Silk Stocking". It's being repeated on Ch 13(PBS) tomorrow at 10pm.Check your local listings(don't know where you are).I recognised the music at the end and during the credits.
i think the music i heard was probably a piece that was played throughout the film, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was the same song you'd heard at the beginning and credits.