Mass Mutual Financial Group "It's A Girl"


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I've been looking everywhere for the Mass Mutual Financial Group commercial song. It's the "It's a Girl" commercial. Shows balloons throughout the commercial and plays a cool rock song. Anyone who finds out please post. Thanks

This wouldn't be the Joan Jett song mentioned in this thread, would it?
I got a rather curt reply from MassMutual saying the music was created in a studio expressly for the use in the commercial..... :angry:


I'm surprised Mass Mutual says it's an original composition...they must've found the best Joan Jett impersonator alive, if that's the case
It possibly is Joan recording just for the commercial, they gave no info on the artist. You might get a better responce from Lowe of New York (Who usually do the ads for Mass Mutual) but I think you'll probably get the same responce....not available.


:) OMG, I'm so glad I'm found this thread! I've been hunting for info about this commercial Mass Mutual's - "It's a girl" to track down the song. Commercial's got pink balloons on a mailbox the whole time and it lists different phrases dealing with a girl growing up gradually speeding up. The guitar solo simply rocks. I hope it IS as real song and not some studio thing argh.
Just to clarify-Joan Jett is the artist for the FROG ad. I'm betting on Rob as far as the music in the GIRL ad being studio :(
ah well. i'll renew the thread everyonce in a while just in case, thnx though. <_<
Originally posted by isamguy0@Feb 26 2004, 07:53 PM
ah well. i'll renew the thread everyonce in a while just in case, thnx though. <_<
Please don't bump threads just for the sake of bumping them without providing new information to the topic. If anyone finds relative information regarding the ad, it will likely be added and the topic refreshed to the top of the Forum list.

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