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Hi, theres a new series of ads promoting the beer mentioned in the title, one includes a guy daydreaming and thinkin he's being kissed on the chest etc. by a woman, and it turns out to be his dog wen he wakes up, and another is where someone is imagining he's a rockstar, but wen they show what he's actually doing, he's playing air guitar on a tennis racket. both of these ads have the same music, any ideas as to what it is?
can i just say something, if u check all of my previous posts, this website has been less than useful. Everyone seems to ignore things, if u don't know, could someone at least say, or if uve seen the ad etc?im sorry for seeming whiney but ive posted about 3/4 topics and keep gettin ignored
You need to keep in mind that our readers all spread across the country (and world) and don't see the exact same ads at the exact same times as each other. Ads may be released in certain cities weeks before they are in other cities across the country, for example... so it's possible that an ad you're seeing just isn't in heavy rotation. I haven't even heard of this beer company for the ad you're asking about.

This is, afterall, a free service and people respond on a volunteer basis. You might not get a response because no one has a clue on the music (which means it could be commissed just for the ad) or we simply haven't seen the ad. Patience is key when researching this stuff.
it is not that we are intentionally ignoring you. probably few people have seen the ad. all help here is voluntary, you know. :) some of us regulars find out a lot songs for others, but even our requests some times go on for months without a reply. it just means nobody knows the answer. in such cases, find out as much info as you can about the ad, and update it here. that might increase the chance of you getting a reply.

back to this topic: i have not seen the ad. do you know what channel/program/time it was on? have you checked other ad related sites to see if it available online?
I sent an email to the agency responsible for the campaign, Walsh Trott Chick Smith, but received no reply.

If you are in the UK, it might be worth giving them a call: