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I keep seeing the Target ad (with Sam Prekop) and another ad for Marshall's with another great song on it. To be honest, I have no idea what any of the words are but the lead singer is female. Every time I saw them I would say, "I gotta find these tracks". Anyone else seen it? TIA.
Yes I have seen the Marshall's ads. There are two versions, one with a man singing and one with a woman and they are singing something along the lines of "spring is here" or "it's spring." I dont know who sings them but trying to find out for myself also.
Thanks Sweetdog... Hmm, maybe someone else will know and post on here and let us know. It seems like I'm always seeing clumps of ads with good music at the same time. I may not see any for months and then suddenly 5 are on at the same time. Thanks again.
Sweetdog... after seeing the commercial a few more times and doing some searching, I have determined that the original song (or at least another version) is called "They Say It's Spring" and was performed by Blossom Dearie (who I had never heard of). This version sounds pretty old. Obviously it was redone and "hipped up" a little by someone but I don't know who... still looking.
bump... anyone? I have looked and sent emails to Marshalls and still nothing.