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K this isn't that commercial with the "Blue Monday" song by New Order. It's another Mars bar commercial that is based EXACTLY on the old commercial, with this guy eating it, walks by some things that turn on (usually things that have lights, but this time he also walks along a few motorbikes that turn on) I do not remember any lyrics, this afternoon when I saw it I was thinking "hmmm, kind of a good song, I'll post it on adtunes... later" so yeah, kind of forgot what it sounds like but if anyone else has seen it and knows the song, that'd be great! thanks
Are you in Canada? I saw it earlier today and I'm also looking for that song. It sounded familiar, but I have no idea what it was. I don't remember any lyrics in this one, as opposed to the 'Blue Monday' commercial.

That's all I know.
Yeah it's still some kind of techno-ish beat isn't it? but not like all 80's. Could be present day music.
And yes, I do live in Canada, but goodnight people, going to bed now, byebye
Yeah, it did sound modern, not 80's at all. If I saw it again I might be able to identify the song, because it was extremely familiar, but I didn't see it tonight.

BTW I found the website of the people that made the other Mars commercial, but they don't have this one up on their site.
Alright, I saw it again!

The lyric is "can I kick it?" I googled it and it seems to be "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest. I haven't d/l it yet, so I'm not sure if it's the same version as the one in the commercial, but the repeated lyric sounds the same.
Thanks, I'll try it, but just to make sure.... near the end they also sing like "YESTERDAY!" a few times.