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Does anyone know the song thats plays at the end of Manchurian Candidate when the credits start?
Some lyrics are "CIA, Secret Service..."

Hi all,
I'm looking for the song in the ending credits of the remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Any help greatly appreciated :)
good song, sounds like the guy who sings is not too young and some lyrics are FBI, CIA, Secret service
But I don't know the rest.
Thanks :)
Didn't think it was this one because they said it was running in the opening credits.
Manchurian Candidate

I can't find this song on the soundtrack. Its the music being played during the victory rally near the end of the film. I think it starts when Liev Shrieber's character and the newly elected president walk on stage. The music has an uplifting and happy tune and plays on through the entire rally scene even after Liev Shrieber is shot. Sorry I couldn't get the lyrics.
It's a cover of the Kinks' 'Better Things' by FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE.
Can anyone tell me the title of the hip-hop song played in the APC in the beginning of the Manchurian Candidate?

Thankyouplease. :)
ne1 know of the song that plays when the film starts, when the soldiers are playing cards and also the song that is played at the end when denzel shoots the guy
There were a whole bunch of different songs playing during the scene where the soldiers were playing cards, so you're gonna have to be more specific than that.
sorry, the first song played in the film, when the text is arriving, some lyrics include red, white and blue
anyone know the name of the song played near the end of the film when the candidates are walking to the stage right before the guy gets shot, the song doesnt have any singing it sounds like an orchestra, elections type of music.