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I've just been recently seeing this commercial and I'm hoping someone can help me out. It's a commercial for the Madden 2004 video game. The commercial revolves around this girl and a guy and they kiss alot throughout the commercial. At one point I think they're on a beach, then towords the end the girl gets in this car and instead of the guy getting into the car with her, you see that she's in a taxi and he taps on it and it leaves...then the guy is looking at this poster for Madden 2004. It's actually pretty funny, but anyways, I like the song that plays throughout the commercial and I'm not having any luck finding it. It's relatively new, so I don't know if anyone can help me out yet, but if you know the name, artist or both that's be awesome :) hey even if you know what commercial I'm talking about, that'd help so atleast I know I'm not imagining things and it does exsist, haha

let me know...thanks
Ok, still no luck with this song. If it helps I know it's a guy singing. I wanna say there's a line like, "they took the long way home", but I'de have to see it again though to remember more about it

any help would be appreciated :)
ive never seen the commercial, but I doubt its madden 2004, im guessing it would be madden 2005 since its the newest of the madden franchise and it comes out in the next few weeks.
oh, good point, I was thinking I coulda been wrong and it was 2005...I think you're right and it is Madden 2005

thanks for the tidbit
There's a new madden comercial out (i think it is madden) where a guy is running on the beach with his girl and they are about to run away together but he lets the taxi go so he can look at the madden ad. Does anyone know the song in this commercial?
Woohoo! I had the exact same question. Thank you for answering it. I'm getting that song right now.
Excellent! I have been seeing the commercial and looking for this song for weeks now.