Love Song


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Does anyone know how 311 came to do the remake of "Love Song"?
Perhaps Robert Smith gave them rights just for the movie(50 First Dates). :lol:
ohh...i thought they just did it for "50 first dates" since that whole soundtrack was full of 80s remakes, sort of reggae style. adam sandler really loves his 80s songs, doesn't he? :lol:
Funny thing is, that I can't decide which version I like better.
I guess it just depends on the mood and the view.
hmm yeah you're right. i like the 311 version, but i think i like robert smith's voice better. he has the right angst for the song. heh heh. :)
Oh BARF @ 311, The Cure all the way baby!! Speaking of remakes I was pleasantly surprised by Korn's Brick In The Wall medley.
Robert Smith's musical influence seems ;) from sources like Payolas, Ramones,
and many others. His look is influenced by many of the same, creating a
Edward Scissorhands-Alice Cooper-Marilyn Manson hauntingly spooky look.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I mean the one that pertains to the topic at hand, the one that looks like Robert Smith. Yes, the South Park one. You are JUST SO CUTE! *pinching ya cheek*

Dascoot you should bring back your old avatar. The one with all the little square dudes. Even kewl-er yet.

Bye guys. I'm off to work.
Another group that covered "Love Song" is a group called Snake River Conspiracy. It's a really good song, if you like rock/electronic music. They are sort of a cross between Garbage and Prodigy.
Adam Sandler was actually the main reason why 311 covered Love Song. Adam told 311 that he felt Love Song would be a good song for them to cover.