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I am trying to find out what songs are used in the commercials on tv for the movie "Lost In Translation". I think there are different commercials with different songs and I want to find out all of them. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :)
by the way, should I post this here or in the tv forum because I'm talking about the commercials that come on tv?
This is the right forum. :) (It covers all film advertising - trailers, teasers, tv spots, etc.)

According to the Soundtrack.net Trailer Music page, songs used are:

"Just Like Honey" - The Jesus & Mary Chain

"Peace, Love and Understanding" - Elvis Costello

It doesn't say if that's for the trailer or tv spots - it might not be what you are looking for. A good idea would be to bookmark the Soundtrack.net link listed above and check back to see if it's updated.

You might want to check the Lost in Translation official site, which has soundtrack info for the movie. (Which may or may not have songs used in ads.)
Thanks very much jca!!! I'm gonna go to those sites and look there. I really appreciate the help!!! :)
In relation to Lost In Translation, does anyone with the DVD know the music playing over the dvd menu. Its basically and lone electric guitar playing with a woman making smooth noises along with it. Any Leads?
I'm saving my pennies to buy the DVD cuz the movie was great but since I don't have it and I cant find my soundtrack case, I'm going to take a guess that its the guy from My Bloody Valentine that wrote most of the music for the film. Sorry I can't remember his name....hope that's a lead.

I know the song you are talking about. Its called "girls" by death in vegas. hopes this makes you happy. ;)