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Hey, I recently saw this new commercial with beyonce knowles which I think was for loreal, or some other makeup commercial, that had a wicked techno tune with a good beat and no lyrics. I want to find the name for this some.
If you are talking about the one i think you are talking about, it was done specifically for the commercial... a re-edit/re-do of a track they used a couple of years back.
The same music is in a Geico commercial with the dancing gecko.
Originally posted by AyanP@Aug 19 2004, 12:56 PM
The same music is in a Geico commercial with the dancing gecko.
OK, I was talking about a different one... the one with the music from the geico commercial has been discussed on this board... just do a search.
if its the loreal hair commercial its a Tupac song w/o the lyrics.... it was talked about in another thread but I'm not computer literate enough to link to the thread but its here. Hope this helps. Im not a tupac fan but its a great instrumental.... I think its "I wonder if heaven got a ghetto" or something along that line.
Did anyone try Heretohelp's suggestion of searching for the Geico thread on the ad that uses the same music?

You can read it here... and, I think all we know is that it's music that isn't available to the public.
what's the name of the song that she's in from loreal?
has an r&b beat, and a light voice in the backround , saying 'oh", "oh"?
Hey guy, i just went to the link to the commercial with the same music as in the geico one where he's doing the robot dance or ? but i don't think that that's the song. it definately isn't a tupac song or anything like that, but can't say for certain as i don't listen to that type. the song i'm thing about is very similar to the geico techno song, but not quite it. or at least i think so, and i could be wrong. i've tried to watch the commercial again but it hasn't come up. maybe if someone showed me a link to somewhere where you can watch these commercials (loreal with beyonce, recent ones), then i might be positive. but thanx a million all you guys so far. cheers.
Ok guy, i found the commercial on that web link you gave me Melana and it's it. I guess that was the song all along. that's again for de-mistifying this problem
well, from what you are describing, I don't think you are talking about the same commercial that uses the geico song... it sounds like the re-edit I was talking about earlier (especially since you didn't think it was the geico song), from the hip-hop beat down to the "uh, uh" vocals.

The guy who did it is named Jeremy Adelman... the song was done specifically for the commercial... and as a side note, he is the drummer from a band called "Astaire"
There's a new commercial with Beyonce for Loreal True Match Make-up. There's a sort of techno like song in the backround.

Wondering if someone can tell me the name of it and the artist. Thanx!
:usesearch: instead of posting. There's already a thread about this.
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by some fluke i was on itunes last night and found the song yes the song from the l'oreal commercial. Byonce dropped it on one of her singles the song is" What's it gonna be?" and its on her exclusive ep but its availabale on ITUNES. woohoo Hopefully there is someone who still wants this!

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does anyone know the music used in the loreal commercial w/ beyonce. it sound like tchnoe/dance.
what's the dance song in the new true match makeup commercial?

it was also used in the dancing gecko geiko commercial a year ago

it's very electronic sounding
I think you're talking about a production track called Sweet World. You can listen to it here:

Go to Extrememusic.com and click "Get Music" at the bottom
Once inside, click on "X-series" on the top left.
Click on "Album Name" on the left and wait for the albums to load
Scroll down to find "Electroclash"
Click it, and wait for the tracks on the right to load.
"Sweet World" should be the fifth track listed :)
This is a techno tune used in both commercials, I believe the L'Oreal Commercial has Beyonce in it, and the Geico commercial where the gecko starts doing the robot. I have no clue what this song is!