looking for name of song!!!!!


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This is driving me nuts! I love the song that I saw on a commercial. Can't remember what the ad was for. Anyway, it's starts out with a guy in a car singing this christmas song, it's snowing, and his dashboard is decorated with christmas stuff. The song has "christmas is the time for..." That's all i remember. It's an upbeat christmas song. If anyone knows who sings this song, the name of the song, or what commercial it is please post. Thanks so much.
Thanks for the info on the bmw ad, but thats not it. This is a band singing "christmas is the time for ...." The guy at the beginning is in an older model car, driving, and singing this song. It then flashes to some other scenes and then back to him. The band sounds really familiar, but I just can't think of who it might be. Thanks again. If anyone knows what this commercial or song is, please post. Happy Holidays