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I am looking for the song that plays during the photo shoot of TV Guide Channel's show called Lookalike. Its the show where regular people are dressed to look like a famous celebrity, then they get a photo shoot. The song that plays during the photo shoot is rather techno style and the only lyrics that are sung are "I know what's coming over me, it's something about the way I feel." If anybody has anything, please let me know...very catchy tune, upbeat, and is driving me nuts not being able to find it.
There's a quirky commercial-show they play on the TV guide channel where they take everyday people and make them over into celebrity look-a-likes. During the makeover montage they a play a little bossa nova type song with a light female vocal singing latin scat (no lyrics). Its has a Bebel Gilberto type sound, but I'm sure its not her. I tried going through the TV Guide channel website and pretty much got nowhere. Any help? Thanks! ~ Kevin
thanks jen'. good guess b/c it does sound like that. but i have that nicola conte CD and it was the second place i checked after i checked my ms. gilberto CD's. VERY similar sound though.
You know, Jen. Your guessing skills are uncanny. :eek: Cool...but, scary. :p
Originally posted by Caren H@Feb 26 2006, 04:11 PM
You know, Jen. Your guessing skills are uncanny. :eek: Cool...but, scary. :p
I chalk it up to being one of the 'older' ones here....SHHHH....don't tell ;)
I have been looking for:
TV guide channel's Look-A-Like theme music
and also
the latest music from the 3 Musketeers commercial. hahha

Anyway, I wrote the people at TV guide and here was there response, and I quote:
"the theme music on “Look A Like” is a commissioned piece of music, specifically created as the “Look A Like” theme song, and unavailable for retail."

Aarghh! It's so frustrating. However, I am SO THRILLED because you gave me some ideas for CD's. I love this music!! I'm in heaven.

Would any of you know what genre I need to tell the music store so I can purchase loads of this music?

Thanks so much!
What is the theme song on the show "Look A Like" (TV Guide Ch.)??

It's the song they always play after they makeover the person like their celebrity look alike?

"I don't know what's coming over me... something bout the way I feel" or it could be "we feel"
I guess nvm a guy said:

"I contacted TV guide and they said that the song was made especially for the show, and was not released. If you like that song though, I think you would like Girls Night Out by Marc Shaiman -- also on the Down With Love Soundtrack"

So I guess I will never truly know the song.
What is the song played at the beginning of Look a Like. It is a smooth jazzy song with a lady softly singing in the background with part of the lyrics go " OOoooo lalala la." Any help would be appreciated. I love this song