Lizzie McGuire


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I have heard the intro to Lizzie McGuire show- it's familar, any knowledgeable people out there?
Lyrics to the theme song
If you believe
We've got a picture-perfect plan
We've got you fooled
'Cause we only do the best we can
And sometimes we make it
And sometimes we fake it
But we get one step closer each and every day
We'll we figure it out on the way

The extended version has these lines:
If you only knew
all of the notions in my head
you'd understand
why some days I can't get out of bed
Are we winning or losing
it's just so confusing
but we get one step closer each and every day
till we figure it out on the way
It might surprise you
the stuff we're wise to
the things that we can open up our eyes to

Who sings the theme song?
According to Maria Kleinman of Walt Disney Records, Angie Jaree, a studio singer, is the person who performs the theme song. While Elliot Lurie, the show's music supervisor, wrote the song.

Is that the song you're looking for?
Yup- that is indeed the song. I swear that song was done years ago (and much better) by a 80's or early 90's band- way before Lizzie was a gleam in ABC's programming schedule.