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Michelle or other site admin,
When we identify a song in a post, are we obligated to add a link to the album on

But if you're linking to Amazon, using our code is always appreciated as it helps support the site at no cost to you. :)

An example Amazon link with our "adtunes-20" referral code would be:

Where XXXXXXXXXX is the unique ASIN number (as seen on any product page) for whatever you're linking to.
Like JCA says it's not required. But we appreciate it if you add our referral in as it does help support this site. This month we've gone way over our bandwidth allowances (and have been charged accordingly), so every little bit helps. :)
I remember michelle or someone describing a way to give Adtunes credit for the page hit when linking to an Amazon page for a sound clip. How's it done again?
Originally posted by YSAPrincess23@Oct 9 2004, 10:07 AM
Is there a referral code for iTunes?
Yes there is. :) I use the following link to produce iTunes links: iTunes Referral Link Maker

This link goes to a form that you fill out (song name, etc) and it will look to see if the song is available on iTunes. When the information comes back, there are arrows next to the results. For example, if I look up "Come Closer" by Jem, I get the results back like this:

Come Closer :arrow: Finally Woken :arrow: Jem :arrow:

Each arrow is clickable, and I usually select the one next to the song since it will automatically create a link to that song in iTunes. (If you click on the arrow next to the album name, it will link to the whole album, and if you click on the arrow next to the artist name it will link to every song by that artist in iTunes.)

When you select the appropriate arrow in the iTunes Referral Link Maker, it will open a new page with the link information you need to post in your Forum reply. However, you do not need all the info supplied there!

:arrow: You want to extract the information out of the first box on this page. You only need what's located between the first set of quotes that follows the <a href="this info is what you use for your link">. (Ignore the information in the <img height=.....>.)

If you've come this far, now all you do is put that info from between the first set of quotes into the standard tag in our forums, and it should create a referall link to iTunes.

"Come Closer" by Jem available from .

If this is too confusing, just PM me to let me know and I can edit your post with the correct iTunes link if you prefer.
i've already been doing this to amazon links... i figured it out from the links on the main page :D
admins, may be this info should be a sticky....