Line of Fire



Does anyone know the song that was used in a background scene in the first episode that kinda sounded like The Who? I need the song title and the artist. Thanks MV
Do you remember any lyrics, or could you describe the music? Music being spelled M-u-s-i-c.....
It should have been spelled Music...I hit enter before I looked at it.

It was during a scene in a bar during the 1st episode that was aired on 12/2/03. I didn't see it myself. A friend of mine saw it and unfortunately can't sing very well otherwise I might be able to recognize it. :p
OK...back now with the correct spelling (thanks Michelle). I still need a song title and artist.
I like the change! I tried to look for it...but all these sites didn't have much info on the episode or show because it's so new. So unless someone actually saw it and remembers it, I don't think you'll find anything online.
it is..........."right here, right now" by fatboy slim
i think it's on the same album as funk soul brother
OK, The song played in thebackround on the commerical for The Line Of Fire. WHat's it called and who's it by. I know it's been in movies and stuf before.
There was a song during the last few minutes of tonight's show (Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004) that I think I've heard during previous episodes.

The song has quiet, down beat lyrics and music. I didn't catch many words except for 'tears filling glasses' or something similar...

Any clues?

Thanks givemfitz. That's the song - do you know who did the cover?

It is rather haunting, isn't it?

Gary Jules is covering a Tears for Fears song. I hope you didn't think I meant the CD cover LOL. I guess I could've been clearer on that :rolleyes:
Oh and yeah. Haunting it is. In fact if you like haunting check out The Walkmen-
We've Been Had. Different style but haunting is the word many people use to describe it. Another really great tune in my opinion. Whatever that's worth LOL :p