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I am intrigued by the catchy song used in the latest Mercury Mountaineer commercial. It reminds me of the song used in the Lincoln commercial for the Navigator ("Get a Move On" by Mr. Scruff). The song plays in the background as the car is described. It was a popular song back in the 90's, I believe. Anyone know the name of this song? Thank you.

No lyrics, just a catchy, upbeat jazzy tune.

Michelle, you sure are fast in your replies!

Man I love that song. It always makes me wanna get up and moooove. I don't think I've ever heard it in a commercial though. Love to know if that turns out to be it.
Nope, that is not the song I am looking for. My song did not have lyrics or rap with it. But thanks for the suggestion - it is definitely a catchy tune. If I see the ad again, I will pay more attention and try to describe it better.
I just saw the ad again on NBC. There are no people in the commercial, just the black Mountaineer driving down a road. The ad refers to "SUV Driveaway" and it was customized to refer to the Lincoln Mercury dealers in the Detroit Metro area. Does that help any?
Thanks for the suggestion, DJ, but I have been unable to find any information on a group called Touch & Go (not the record company) as I attempt to check out that song. Any suggestions on finding their music?
I listened to the song and although it was great, it still is not the song played in the commercial. Thanks for the suggestion.
Just heard the commercial again. It has a "driving" beat to it. Could it be a Joe Johnson song?
Someone just mentioned Joe Jackson and "Steppin Out." I think that is it!

A friend recently saw a Lincoln Navigator commercial with a 1980's style synth-pop song playing in the background. My friend remembers it from her childhood but has never been able to find it. Any ideas?

This is NOT music by Mr. Scruff, who has done blues-y and jazz music for Lincoln commercials.