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This was a commercial for a new show "Life on a stick" on FOX. The show is about working at a fast food joint or something. Anyway, i love the song in it. It could be just a clip used in some commercials. Ive heard it on an adult swim commercial a very long time ago. There are no lyrics, just a "ooOOaaaooAA" type singing.
there's a commercial for a new serious called "Life on a Stick". .they play a song in the background and it's just music. .i wish i could describe it well but it's upbeat and i hear the song all the time on other things like on mtv or nbc . .etc. hope someone sees it and knows!! thanks in advance
I've seen commercials for that new show, "Life On A Stick" and like the background music that's playing during the trailer.

Does anyone know what the song is?

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I keep seeing the ad, and the song sounds really familiar, but I just can't place it. :(
Ok, I've been searching for this song for at least three years (on and off)...I'm going to go crazy now because this song is currently featured on the ads for the new Fox comedy "Life on A Stick". I also remember it from the ABC Family show "Knock First" (It was only on like one episode) and it may have been on some commericals. Oh yeah, it was also on one of those cards on Adult Swim (The white letters on the black backround...yeah those) sometime last year.

It sounds like a male is singing the lyrics (From what I can understand). It may go some thing like "Come on come on come on" or "na na na na na na na" or maybe "I am I am I am" or something.

I know it's a longshot, but I really enjoy hearing this song and after three years of not knowing it, I feel insane. The song seems new (90s-00s) enough that I would hear it and know it but, Sadly not. Please help me, I've been on at least a dozen forums looking for this song!
"C'mon, C'mon" by the Von Bondies?

Link to song.....

Link to lyrics

Its a VERY long shot, but I can't think of anything else with "C'mon..." in the lyrics....
I dunno how old this song is either....come to think of it...this is probably not the song at all....ah well, haha
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enjoy =).


also, if you'd like any of the more recent songs played during adult swim "bumps"(the white text on black segments)
go here.

Note to the admins: this is NOT STOLEN OR BOOTLEGGED or in any violation of copyright laws, this is legitimate from under "Adult Swim Theme John+Heather Remix " as he claims to have written it!
r0b0tj0n3z: the song you linked to isn't the one from this particular Adult Swim bumper/Life on a Stick ad, unfortunately.

Off topic for a second: If interested, you can read some more about the song here. That guy didn't write the song, as it's a Tito Puente song, but he may have done that particular remix.
I found the song title by calling Fox (The one I was looking for). It's from and it's on CD # 51, Cut 5 and called "Down Down
Down". I don't believe it's a pubically available song, sadly.

You can hear it on their website.
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Thanks for the update/answer Ryan! I was searching all over last night, even at Extreme and never found anything -- I was getting annoyed that there seemed to be no answer!

For the others: Extreme Music, click on the "x" for the "X-Series" and then select "Album No." From there you can scroll down to find "XCD051" and listen to the song.

And, you're correct. Their music is not available for the public to buy/download. It's only available for use in ads/shows/etc.
Your welcome, I just love this song! The people at Fox Broadcasting were EXTREAMLY helpful...if you have a question about a song thats on their channel, don't hesitate to contact the music department!
Oh, someone told me this:

If you listen to the song through Extrememusic, and use Windows and Internet Explorer, a file called xcd094_14.mp3 should be in your Temporary Items folder... you might already have it!
RyanWebb how do you do that? What folder is it in and how do you get to the folder?
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files... > OK, wait for it to finish, then click OK on the Internet Options window.

Go back to Extrememusic, and load the song again. Wait for it to load completely, then go to:

Tools > Internet Options > Settings > View Files...