Life As We Know It


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i saw the comercial for it on abc and i was wondering whats the song and who sings it? anyone know? help plz. oh yeah goes like "these are the best times of our lives"

OOPSSS!!! the show is called life as we know it. sorry guyys
you could check
paul van dyk- time of our lives ??

total guess. not sure if this is what you are talking you know any more lyircs?
another quick guess...
the calling- our lives
has similar lyrics to the ones you mentioned as well.
yeah its the calling - our lives. i just saw them on pepsi smash tonight singing that song. thanks guys! :D
There's another song attached to the previews for this show, that plays a different song. I feel like I should know the song, but can't place it. It's slow, w/ a man singing in a higher voice, and the only word I remember in the song is "fifteen..."
Any ideas? Wish I could provide more info...
Nevermind, I found it! It's "100 Years" by Five for Fighting, in case anyone else is interested. Thanks anyway :)