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during the diving coverage on NBC on aug 10th there wa a liberty mutual commercial set at a fair or carnival. the song was quiet and sung by a woman. i can't remember the words but it was nice.

can you help?
I wonder if it was one of the older ads. I've noticed older ads are being run during the Olympics for some reason. If so, the song could be Half Acre or The Part Where You Let Go. Boths songs performed by "Hem".
Nope. I know both those ads and songs and it's not them.

i love Hem though.
I found this link:

It links the commercial but apparently the song info isn't released yet so the song is probably a release from their next CD. Couldn't find anything on the hem website either. Sorry. :(
That figures. Hem had/has a fairly long term contract with them and historically, the ad runs for about 45-60 days before the song is released.
I love Hem, too! Their music is beautiful.

I've been wondering about this new song as well. It's definitely Hem. I just can't find any information about the song. I hope they release a full version. Their web site hasn't been updated in a while, so I don't know if they're going to release anything new soon.

I am looking for the title of the tune used in a recent Liberty Mutual Insurance ad. It sounds like Beth Neilsen Chapman to me.

Any help appreciated.

Liberty Mutual has a contract with the Brooklyn alt-country/folk band Hem, which was hired to create several vignettes for them. All of the songs are original and might make it on some album.

Hem is a fantastic band. Check out their website:

The song you hear at the end of the commercials is a song called "Half Acre" from the first album by Hem called "Rabbit Songs."
The most current ad song performed by Hem is Better Days. This is preceded by their song The Part Where You Let Go which was preceded by Half-Acre.
Song in Bank Advertisement

There has been a commercial I've seen recently for a bank(i forget the name). It''s probably to be seen on the fox news channel during Hannity and Colmes.
The commercial showed people at a carnival. Around sunset. And there was a ferris wheel.
Does anyone happen to know the song?