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anyone know the song of the new lee jeans commercial
i saw it yesterday
its like a popular song but its not sung by the original artist
Maybe I'm wrong here, but ...

Perhaps you're thinking of the Levi's Jeans ads?

If so, it's a few remakes of Johnny Cash "I Walk The Line"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
I think I know what you're talking about. It's the ad with all the women dancing around promoting a "new fit." The original song is "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. I don't who sang it for the commercial.
I was wondering who sung that song? the new fit commercial

"You can feel it all over...."
has a prett funky song in the back, not sure the exact type of jeans they are, ill post when i see it again, anyone know the song?

Does anyone know who the artist is for the newest Lee Jeans commercial? It's the new fit one and features all these women dancing and wearing jeans and white tops. The lyrics go “You can feel it all over.” I know that this is a cover of Sir Duke originally by Stevie Wonder but I can’t find the artist that sings this one. Any help would be great. Thanks!
I think it is by Julian Velard - but may have been custom cut for Lee, so could not find it anywhere.
someone else told me that he cut a track for lee jeans but i don't think he is the artist in this particular song because it is a woman singing. i went to his site and he sounds very manly. thanks though.
wow, really? Thanks so much. Do you know where I can listen to the song because I went to her website and it's not listed? Or is this an unreleased song?
coversproject.com lists 1 cover for "sir duke" but, it's by a guy named NAJEE.
Mystery solved, here is the email that I received from Lee Jeans.

Thank you for your email and interest in Lee Jeans. The singer who did the
remake of Sir Duke is Kirsten Price.

Thanks again!
Lee Jeans
Consumer Services

Now if I could only find out where to actually get the song....
a rep from lee's told me in an email that the full version would be available for download from their website www.lee.com soon. don't know if that's true, as of now i don't see it.
If you go to the Lee jeans website, www.lee.com, click on the "See the TV Spots" box, and then watch the womens commercial, you will see the box under the video player that says "Download Our Version of Sir Duke" and can get the full song by Kristen Price for free. Its great!