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I know that the music is mentioned on the first page of this website, but which one and what is the title of the song?
I've seen two and I would like to know the first one. With like the drums.
Does anyone know the artist and title of this one?
I'd answer your question, but the "One True Fit" website isn't loading that has the info right now... :angry:

Will keep you updated...
I'm not sure which one you're looking for, but the three songs are as follows:

"Why Should I Cry" by Avia
"Karma" by Josh Ralph
"Future" by Mesmer A.V.
Yeah I went to the site but it never loaded.

I'll try to get those three songs and see which one it is.
I didn't want to go through all of their songs when I had no idea what it was even called.
Thanx :D
The only version available publicly right now is the Avia one -- their cd, with the song, is mentioned on my front page post -- the others were made for the ads... And, Mesmer A.V. is an ad agency.

Don't know why the site wasn't working the other day, but seems to be working (for me at least) again now -- maybe you can access it now. :)