Land Rover "Highly Developed"


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I've tried searching everywhere for the track that on the Land Rover advert where all of the people act with animal instincts. Starts of with a guy running through hedges like a dog, then, the insect women, then the girl jumps over all the cars.

I just need to find out who did the music track for it, if anyone has any ideas, or know i'd apriciate it. Thanks
Haven't seen it, and it's not included on the Land Rover TV Spots page...

Maybe it's new... Are you in the US?

Can you describe the music? Did it have any lyrics?
Yeah, I never thought to consider where it was broadcasted. I saw it in the UK. I might be wrong, it might be a different car company, but I'm pretty sure it was Land Rover. I'll try and describe it in more detail. The actual music used is quite hard to describe, I know its some form of electronica, very chilled. As far as the advert itself is concerned its starts off with a guy, (now bear with me, might sound like a really stupid advert, but its actually quite stylish) and he's gets a sent of I think its a hot dog van and starts running for it, and leaping over hedges to get to it. Then it fades off to another scene, and it’s a woman in a car, and her head twitches from side to side, and she looks at the back of the car, and there’s a mantis sort of insect at the back of the car. Next scene starts off with a women, who's on the sidewalk trying to get to her car, but its on the other side of the road and there’s a ton of traffic in the way, so all of a sudden she jumps onto a bus, and a few other vehicles and then onto a lamp post, and she's at her car. All this is done with an animal distinctiveness, yet not too stereotypical. And the music seems timed well with the events in the advert. And finally at the end of the advert, the tag line is, "Highly Developed".

Ill keep looking myself, and if i do come across i wont forget to post it on here, but i hope that this helps a bit more. Thanks for you reply

:edit: ok ive had a search around, its gotta be an advert for the new 2004 freelander, but still have no idea of who the music's by.
Finally, i actually found it. Never thought i'd actually find it.

The tracks called Fizzy In My Mouth, by Howie B and its on the album, Turn Off The Dark.

I hope this helps people, heres a link with more information about the advert itself.