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This ad may be just running in Canada.
Guy runs up to this barbie blonde looking girl in a club and starts dancing all crazy, then it says "sure we dance..with the right motivation" then it rewinds to the start of the commercial and shows him getting a hand full of money to get on the dancefloor.
They are playing some Hiphop song in the background..and it's driving me nuts.
Also when the commercial ends it shows a beer bottle and the beer caps fly at it..and it plays a rock song with lyrics somthing like "goin to the bar to get loose tonight, hands in the air feelin alright"

Any help would be highly appreciated. ;)
I know that commercial and I know what song has those lyrics, but I don't remember that song in the commercial. :huh:

Anyways, it's "The Salads - Get Loose" :ph34r:
Yes that is definatly the second song int he commercial. Thank you so much!
It's right at the end for only like five seconds.

No clue on the hiphop track when he is dancing though eh?
I was told this may be a Roots song, anybody have a idea?
I tried looking before, with lyrics, but couldn't find anything that fit exactly. Will try doing another search.
;) i was really hoping to find the name of the hiphop tune in the Blue commercial...does anyone have any ideas?


Yeah this song is definatly making a stir up here in Canada. I work in the nightclub industry as a Dj and talked to my Labatt rep about it and he is trying to get me a contact number to find out.
Im getting requests at the club for it.."can you play the labatt commercial song"
I am looking for the title and artist of the song played in the newest blue commercial

some lyrics

going to a party.......hand in the air feeling alright???

its the one that has the pouring of beer in it as the main thing ...not sure if anyone can help me..

We all know the Salads song is great, but what is the Hiphop track. my Labatt rep called me today and says he doesn't know how to find out the name. So much help he was. :rolleyes:
I believe that song was by Mystic, but look it up, it's there somewhere. Hope that helps even if that didn't really help..
I'm looking for the song from the most recent Labatt comercial. The one with the 2 cleaners, cleaning the furry, dirty rug, then they say to each other "dude, were gonna be late for the party" then they see a guy goin by on a ride on lawn mower, then they just turn to each other and it cuts to them mowing the carpet, then it cuts to them at a party with all these hot chicks. Uhh I don't really remember any lyrics. Just one clear thing towards the end saying..

"I wanna be with ya baby!"

I e-mailed Labatt I saw someone tried contacting them already, but I thought another shot wouldn't hurt. I asked about both commercials in this forum. I asked about the hip hop song and the rock in the second ad. We'll see what they say.
Man Labatt is quick I already got a response. Here's what they said

The hip hop song was done for the commercial and is only thirty seconds long. The rock song in the same ad is Get Loose by The Salads.

As for the second commercial in this ad they said it's "After Dark" by "Mower" they are from UK and I don't think they have released their album yet. Here is their site and their label site

I hope this helps.