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Not the older one that has the kid with the headphones.
It's a newer ad with a woman singing a famous operatic piece that I can't place even though I'm sure I have it somewhere. :blush:
A very high voice like Brightman or Church. Kinda sounds like something from Disney almost. Snow White like. But I'm almost positive it's opera.

Haaaaaalp :p
not sure i've seen it... have you been able to find a website for easy mac?
Yeah I went to the site but there are no ads there. I've also been to FCB website, the agency responsible. No joy. :(
Anyway.....It's on all the time on several networks. It shows the kids reflection in the microwave lip syncing the song while his easy mac cooks in the time it takes for the ad to run.

i was watching tv and i heard a song and recognized it so i had to look up, otherwise i wouldn't have!'re right, it's an opera song. it's "the queen of the night" from mozart's "the magic flute".

yeah that's a fun one to lip synch too...heh heh. let's just say i had a lot of practice when i was little after seeing "amadeus".

ahem's a link , disc 2, track#4...hope that's it for sure
Yayyyyy. :D Thanks Steph. ;)
That would have taken me forever to figure out as I don't have "The Magic Flute" and I was looking all through Vaughhhgner for it anyway. :rolleyes:
BTW does anyone know the name of the song and by whom it's sung by on the Easy Mac with the kid dancing and singing while his mac and cheese is in the microwave. He's saying something like "Dance with me baby." and then something about "shake your hair."? I just die laughing when I see that commercial.