Knock First Theme Song; Where'd You Go?!


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Ok folks a while back (like a year) I wanted to find the Knock first theme song..

I KNOW its by widelife, I KNOW its called "I am" and I KNOW its preformed by Faith Trent - That still doesn't help me find it, neither does, it has nothing on it since they have changed the theme song..

Now, when I was originally looking for the song, I found a link to it on a forum somewhere.. I was able to download the song by right clicking on the link & saving and then it was the full song.. Well, a few months ago my computer sort of caught on fire and I lost EVERYTHING.. songs, pictures, poems, word docs, you name it I lost it. So thats my sob story and if anyone can kindly direct me to where the I could possibly find it the Knock First Theme Song, it would be greatly apprieciated! <3

I really want this song too! I never had it downloaded though. I didn't know that it was sung by Faith Trent, I always searched for Widelife. You have no idea what forum it was that you found it on? I would appreciate any information too!
i remember that song! i kinda liked it! did they change it? are there new episodes?
yea they changed the song from the new season so w/e lol but my i forgot i had sent this song to my best friend and she still had it, SO I HAVE THE KNOCK FIRST THEME SONG, WHOLE.. so if you want it, email me at;

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dookiewuvz I would really like the song but they removed your e-mail address.
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