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I know this song was from wayyyyy a long time ago when kingom hearts came out. There was only one commercial for it and when i say it i remember thinking "that is the coolest song ive ever heard" Does anyone know what it was?!?
There is also a orchestra recording that is pretty cool. I would recommend checking it out. Its on the Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer. I believe its called Simple and Clean Version 2 or something like that. As for a download off Kazaa, I couldn't provide that. Sorry.
in the kingdom hearts commercial there is a lady singing in a high-pitched voice...and i hope this hasn't already been asked about because i couldn't find it..anyway..any help will be fine.
I know this it shows who makes it in the commercial the title is something like brethe or something <_<
Hey i got the name of the song for all u guyz...!! and i went thro all that trouble just to sign up for this damn adtunes stuff just to tell ya so ur welcome....

the name of the song is SIMPLE AND CLEAN by Utada Hikaru

Ur all welcome and peace..... I might have to help you all again lol

if u ever need help findin a song again u can email me at
Well it was a slowish song and the words i could make out of it were

When you walk away
you dont hear me say
please oh baby

^those lyrics maybe a little wrong. but im sure when you hear the song you will know what i am talking about.
the song is by hikaru utada (or vice versa, they have her name both ways) and the name is called "simple and clean" there is a planet b mix of this song as well dunno what that one is like however. she does it in japanese as well, but the song i gave ya is in english. :D
Yea.. its "simple and clean" theres also a remix version of that i love that song!
Did they come out with a music cd for that game, if so i would like to get it.
The complete, 2 CD original soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts is available from Play-Asia (very reputable store) for $30.90.

Also, you can find it for considerably less on eBay, but I can't guarantee that they aren't bootlegs (Play-Asia only sells authentic items, so it's not a concern with them):
If all you care about is having the music, then it doesn't really matter. :)

Hope that helps. :)