King Kong

The end song is a Immediate Music - Fahrenheit (Violin)

violin meaning they have only used the violin beat in the trailer.
The begening is ultimatum by immediate music...that is what I couldnt figuire I cant figuire out the ending...I dont think it is sounds something different...but close...dethroned?...never heard...maybe that is it?
Yeah, it's Dethroned from X-Ray Dog, i've heard that one in some other trailers. Good luck finding it though, i'm clueless myself, been searching for ages for that track! :blink:
I am looking for the dethroned song sounds cool...Thanks for letting me know the name :)
anyone have any idea yet what music is used in the middle of the king kong trailer from 0:45 to 1:55 i know towards 1:55 longest rise is used the one that was used in i, robot trailer and spider-man 2 trailer! also i think the porch track from psycho the re-recording cd conducted by joel mcneely is used can anyone confirm this it is used at 1:08 to 1:15 in the trailer!
Some of the music is from the Braveheart soundtrack by james horner, good stuff...
Sorry, the Braveheart song is called "revenge" and its the music playing at the beginning of the trailer, not the middle
It was an opera kind of music. It wasn't Dethroned and I don't think it was Ultimatum. Any help is appriciated.
I just saw an tv ad for the King Kong movie. It had some nice choral/opratic music to it. I was hoping someone could tell me the name of the song or perhaps composer.
the song is called redeemer by immediate the album called abbey road...hope that helped
Hi Cosmo,

The track is from the Speed motion picture score by Mark Mancina. If you've seen the film, it's the bit when Keanu and Sandra are the last on the bus. They're in the airport, and they slide out from underneath the bus onto some grass, as the bus drives off into an aeroplane and explodes.

Anyway, the tune is called 'The Rescue', but the whole track doesn't sound like the section they use for that Kong spot you posted. 3 mins and 20 secs into that track is what you hear in that King Kong Japanese tv spot.


wow, great thanks. I weasnt expecting such a quick answer, especially when the score is 10 years old.

Yeah I can kind of hear the score in it. Gotta find it